You have complete control over your software developer team. At SCALORS, our team model provides 100% transparency, and will be individually tailored to your requirements. As our customer, you're always in direct contact with your remote developers, and we make sure that you can concentrate entirely on the topic of software development. All tasks such as recruiting, office management or the legal framework are handled by us.. 



You enjoy a high level of flexibility, and can scale the number of staff in your team up or down without any great expense within a few weeks. For more detailed information about this, please contact us.



  1. First of all, in collaboration with you we draw up a detailed requirements profile. We then search for, and find, developers who match it perfectly.
  2. You can decide for yourself which developers, QA (quality assurance) and project managers you want to work with in future.
  3. Only 2-4 weeks later, your team starts working with its first developers in fully prepared jobs in a fantastic working atmosphere.
  4. We'll give you the support of our years of experience when preparing, integrating and managing your team.


Since available software developers are becoming ever fewer, or unaffordable, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and because this tendency is constantly growing – the 'in-house software team abroad' presents an ideal solution for many companies. We'll support you in making this strategic move. Before you build your team, you should check whether your internal processes and staff are ready for collaboration with an overseas location. There are several ways of finding this out - and we'll be glad to advise you about them!


  • Your contractual partner is our limited company (GmbH). Therefore German law applies.
  • Monetary security: your invoices are drawn up in euros.
  • Support from our visa department if you visit on-site
  • We can bring developers from the remote team over to Germany, Austria or Switzerland for permanent jobs. For further information see: Staff recruitment
Bremen, Germany Headquarter

Bremen, Germany


Kiev, Ukraine Software Development Centre

Kiev, Ukraine

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